Group of Kids

Katie’s Life

Anyone who knew Katie will tell you two things: she had a dazzling smile, and she was kind!Picture of Katie

Kathryn Angela Haumesser, “Katie,” was the youngest child in her family, with two older brothers and one sister. She was a gentle, quiet child who loved books and dancing. When she was very small, she tried many sports, and liked soccer. Often though, she was seen in the fields talking to friends instead of eyeing the ball!

Katie loved her family and friends. She had a big heart that no one could ever forget. Once Katie took you into her heart, she was loyal forever. She also had a deep love for children and animals. She owned a cat named Midnight and a dog named Nieko, both rescued. Katie also had a passion for helping children, ultimately devoting her life to educating children with special needs.

Katie was beautiful inside and out. Her quiet, gentle, and friendly nature was a people magnet. But she was also strong and hard working. She was a single mom while working hard at her studies, and graduated with her Masters degree. Once she graduated, she and her daughter moved into their own home.

Katie’s daughter, Emma, was her entire life. Her only child had medical issues from birth. The trips made to Childrens’ Medical Hospital with Emma proved to her family and friends just how much inner strength Katie possessed. These experiences, too, were parts of her life that shaped her love and passion for helping children.

When Katie put her mind to something, she did it. Because she had a love for learning and community service, she was a member of the National Honor Society at McNicholas High School. She was the recipient of several scholarships, and earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s in language speech pathology from the University of Cincinnati.

Katie was a daughter, mother, sister, friend, teacher, and more. She loved chocolate, Halloween, scrapbooking, swimming, the beach, reading mysteries, and watching “unsolved mysteries.” Katie wore jeans, hoop earrings, and turtlenecks, with little to no make up – but what you saw was that dazzling smile! She was passionate for her daughter, her family and friends, and her work educating children. We were lucky to have known such a special woman, and we can only hope to carry on her legacy.