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Scholarship Recipients

Each year the Katie Haumesser Scholarship of $3,000 is awarded to a student in the University of Cincinnati College of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders. The same program where Katie received her graduate degree. The faculty of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders choose the student that they deem worthy of the award.

Below is a list of past recipients:

2021 Amy Mueller

2020 Sarah Radke

2019 Sarah Radke

2018 Bridget Trimble

2017 Bridget Trimble

2016 Deanne Timpe

2015 Mary EnlundBoy doing a puzzle

2014 Jasmine Baugh

2013 Mariah Lee

2012 Abby Ray

2011 Amy Spegal

2010 Danielle Lockard

2009 Paula Phipps

2008 Amy Holland

2008 Tracy Crosby